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Inventory Updated 4-22-2014

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Just In!

1933 Watling Gumball Vender Slot 1c!

Just in is a very neat and hard to find penny slot machine made by Watling Scale Co! This slot machine is not only a hard to find 1c example, but it also vends gumballs after each pull of the handle. This machine has been restored in the past and has been given a full tune-up by Nations Attic. This machine features the original chicken wire jackpot glass and tin lithographed reel strips! The colors are very vibrant on this machine and it's a lot of fun to play!

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1937 Bally Baby Bell 1c Trade Stimulator!

One of, if not the smallest trade stimulator ever made - the aplely named Baby Bell made by Bally. This penny machine is all original and works great. The cigrette reel strips look very nice as well as the award card on the front. There is a replacement lock on the back door. This machine appears to have the original brown wrinkle finish on the case. This really is a neat machine measuring only 7-1/4" tall!

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slots@nationsattic.com - 316-371-1828


Just In!
1932 Caille Superior 5c Slot Machine!

Just in is a classic Caille slot machine called the Superior. These were one of Caille's first jackpot machines. Designed with very ornate castings, these machine have the classic late 1920's look to them. These are a interesting machine with a unique coin escalator mechanism that is fun to watch while playing. The machine still has its original back door with replacement lock and key. The mechanism has been tuned up and works great. The serial number and original operators number is in numerous places on this machine!


1950 Jennings Star Chief 5c!
Out of the famous Hacienda Las Vegas Casino!

"So cool" is the first words out of our mouth when we found this machine! This is a real casino used machine out of the Hacienda casino in Las Vegas Nevada. This is also an authentic light-up Star Chief machine - which was popular with casino's rather than the standard Sun Chief model.

This machine is 100% authentic and straight out of the casino. There are a number of parts on the internal mechanism that are dated to the early 1960's when they were repaired or replaced by the Hacienda staff. All of the Hacienda signs on the front are original as well as the red light panels.

The original chrome finish on the machine is in fair condition considering it was used in a popular casino. The wood cabinet is very nice with one side having numerous surface marks on it, probably front being on the end of a bank of machines. The machine retains the original back door with replacement locks on the front and back.

Are rarely seen detail with casino machines like this is the fact that the serial numbers match on the mechanism and cabinet. This means the two parts came from the factory together. In many cases slot machines used in casino had their internal mechanisms switched out. This was due to staff simply pulling a mech, working on it and then putting the mechanism in another machine.

This machine has all the neat details associated with a real casino machine. Please email us for photos and more information on this beauty.   

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slots@nationsattic.com - 316-371-1828


Just In!

1928 Mills / Pace Double Jackpot Revamp 5c!

During the late 1920's and early 1930's many Mills Operator Bell machines were being revamped by companies across the country. Many of those revamped machines have a rather crude lower front casting with a small jackpot compartment.

This specific machine was actually revamped by Pace and has a very classic double jackpot compartment on it. Called a Mills / Pace Double Jackpot Revamp, these rare come on the market in such nice original condition as this one.

This machine has been given a full tune-up and testing by Nations Attic. The machine retains its original finish on both the castings and oak cabinet. Mills Novelty decals can still be found on both side of the cabinet. On the back is an original Pace door which would have been installed when the machine was revamped sometime in the late 1920's or early 1930's.

Inside the mechanism is original and tuned up. The reel strips are the original tin lithographed examples installed by Mills Novelty at the factory. The factory cash box is also present and has a very interesting detail about it. It appears someone stamped into the cash box metal a date of 3-24-28!

This is a neat original machine that is complete and ready to enjoy. With it's unusual Art Deco lower front casting, it really is a special and unique machine!

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Restored - SOLD
1938 Watling Cherry Front 5c Slot Machine
 Restored by Nations Attic!

In late September we will have a very desirable Watling Rol-A-Top Cherry Front nickel slot machine restored and for sale. This machine will be professionally restored by Nations Attic both inside and out. These beautiful machines rarely come up on the market, especially in freshly restored condition. More information will be posted soon.

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slots@nationsattic.com - 316-371-1828

1938 Mills Golf Ball Slot Machine - 25c

Here is a really neat and rare machine coming in.
These machines were made by Mills Novelty during the late 1930's and early 1940's. Sold directly to upper end golf courses, these machines would payout in golf balls rather than money. Mills used the rich looking Extraordinary model slot machine and modified the cabinet to hold golf balls and dispense them at the bottom. With the use of an electric motor, the appropriate number of golf balls would come out on winning plays.

These machines are quite difficult to find and very desirable. We just finished up giving this machine a factory correct brown textured paint job with hand painted green trim. We also installed factory correct golf reel strips and brand new correct award card. The wood cabinet retains its original finish which only adds to this machines mystique. The machine is loaded up with golf balls and ready to enjoy!

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