Antique Slot Machine Restoration

Do you have an antique slot machine in need or repair or restoration?

Nations Attic repairs and restores antique slot machines
 no matter where in the United States you are located!

We do not work on machines that require electricity - only antique mechanical slot machines made in the United States.


Nation's Attic specializes in factory correct antique slot machine restoration and repair. Vintage slot machines made from the 1880's to the 1950's are what we specialize in. Today there are very few experts that can properly restore these unique pieces of American history. There are even fewer companies that know how to properly transport these machines safely from your home or office to our shop in Wichita, KS where they can be properly brought back to their original mechanical and visual glory! Nations Attic can do all of this with ease and expertise.

For more information on the service options we offer, please follow the page down.

Like to see some of our work?
Please click on the company logos below to view just some of the antique slot machines we have restored!

Below are some of the popular options we offer:

- Full External & Internal Restoration
This option involves us restoring the slot back to factory perfection both inside and outside. Every detail of the machine would be restored back to factory perfection. While this is the most time consuming and expensive option, it will insure your antique machine is restored to museum quality standards.

- Full External Restoration with Internal Repair & Tune-Up
In many cases, this is the most popular restoration option. Machines receive a full external restoration while also giving the internal mechanism a complete tune-up. From the outside the machine will be in perfect factory new condition. It will also work perfect as well! Typically proper lubrication and cleaning of critical parts and replacement of old springs is perfectly fine to get a antique machine working great and trouble free for decades! 

- Light External Touch-Up with Internal Repair & Tune-Up
In some cases, nice vintage slot machines should not be restored externally. Nice original example may simply need new glass, or a new award card and reel strips. In this case, doing only minor cosmetic improvements to the outside while giving the internal mechanism a tune-up is the best option. This insures the machine will run perfect while also preserving the original appearance. This option takes on average only 1-2 weeks.

- Internal Repair & Tune-Up Only
A very popular option is to only have the internal mechanism repaired and given a complete tune-up. Depending on the type of machine, in many cases we don't need the outside cabinet, saving you considerably money on shipping. Vintage slot machines made by Mills for example have separate components such as the escalator and jackpot. These can be taken out separately and sent to us with very quick turn around.

No matter where in the world you are located, we can bring your machine back to it's original factory brilliance.

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