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Who Is Nations Attic?
Nations Attic is a company that buys, sells and restores specific types of antiques. We are located in Wichita, KS and service the entire world for the restoration of antique coin operated devices. We also buy unique and valuable antiques in the state of Kansas! As a local Wichita, Kansas antiques dealer we are ready to make you fair and reasonable offers on the spot. Below is a list of the type of antiques and collectibles we are actively buying for our clients. Regardless if you have one item or an entire collection of vintage pieces, we are serious professional buyers that will treat you fairly and with respect.

Nations Attic has been in business since 2005 and is incorporated in the state of Kansas. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are members of numerous antique associations and organizations. While we do not have a retail location, our shop is open for appraisals by appointment. We are also more than happy to come to your location to view your items. Please call or text us at 316-371-1828 or email us at

What We Want:

Antique Diving Helmets & Nautical Items

Antique Slot Machines & Trade Stimulators

Antique Church & School Bells

World War 2 Leather Flight Jackets

Antique Coin Operated Drug Store Scales

Vintage Neon & Porcelain Advertising Signs

Antique Gas Pumps

Vintage Movie & Magic Posters

Antique Gumball & Vending Machines

Vintage Radios

Antique Advertising Clocks

Old Industrial Lighting & Fixtures

Unusual Antique Medical & Dental Items

War Souvenirs & Trophies

Antique Cigar Store Indian's

Vintage Omega, Rolex, Patek Philippe & Breitling Wrist Watches

Antique Swords

Vintage Pedal Cars

Vintage Autographs

Gas & Oil Advertising Signs

Antique Cannon Ball Safes

Antique Spool Cabinets

Antique Cannon

Vintage Firefighting Helmets & Memorabilia

Antique Arcade Games

Interesting & Unusual Items Associated With Wichita or Kansas In General

Vintage Cold War Memorabilia

Antique Hay Trolleys & Other Unique Farm Equipment

Antique Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles

Vintage Bank Locking Devices & Vault Doors
old baseball cards
Old Baseball Cards Before 1980
10c & 12c comic books wanted
1930's to 1960's Comic Books 10c & 12c
old steel beer cans wanted
Old Steel Beer Cans

 Not sure if you have what we are looking for?
Regardless of the size, amount or value of the antique or collectable, please contact us anyway! We are one of the largest antique dealers in the state of Kansas and are ready to make you a serious offer. We are not interested in furniture, non-silver utensils, vintage china, collector plates, collector dolls or other modern day collector items.

As shown above in the images we are strong buyers for things such as antique slot machines, World War 2 leather flight jackets, antique diving helmets, vintage arcade coin operated games, antique cast iron, brass, bronze bells from churches, schools, trains and ships. We also buy historically significant or interesting items associated with Kansas or specifically Wichita, Kansas. Other areas we are strong buyers for are 1950's cold war related items, firefighting helmets and related such as axes and other gear, authentic cannon, antique spool cabinets and other unique country store items, antique canon ball safes, gas and oil signs, autographs, antique pedal cars, swords from Samurai to Civil War, vintage wrist watches made by Omega, Rolex, Patek Philippe and Breitling, vintage cigar store Indians, World War 1 & 2 military bring back items such as guns and souvenirs, old unusual dental and medical devices, antique farm hay trolleys, antique pistols, rifles and shotguns, antique vault doors and bank equipment, old industrial lighting and hardware, advertising clocks, antique table top radios, antique gumball and peanut machines, old movie and magic posters, antique gas pumps especially made by Hays in Wichita, KS, vintage neon and porcelain ad signs, coin operated drug store scales, comics books from the 1930's to 1960's with a 10c and 12c cover price, old steel beer cans and pre 1960's baseball cards.

Not quite ready to sell but would like an offer - no problem at all - call us today at 316-371-1828.
In many cases we can make you an offer the same day for your antique. However, if you are not quite ready to sell, we can leave you with an offer as well. We also provide appraisals for items for a minimal fee.

 We are ready to meet you anywhere in Wichita Kansas or the entire state!
Since we are located near downtown Wichita, we can easily and quickly meet you anywhere in the city to view your single item or entire estate. Since we do not have a traditional antiques store in Wichita we  service the entire state of Kansas and are happy to make arrangements to meet you!

Why choose Nations Attic?
In addition to being located near you we have a world wide client list that allows to make you serious fair offers. We are professionals and don't play games when it comes to your antiques and doing business with you. As a professional antiques dealer in Kansas we will make you an offer on the spot and can pay cash. All transactions are kept confidential to ensure your privacy. We will gladly come to your location and save you from moving heavy items or shipping them to some far off place.

Please Ask For Don At 316-371-1828 or Email

Buying & Selling Antiques In Wichita Kansas

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Buying and Selling Antiques In Wichita Kansas