O.D. Jennings Antique Slot Machine Restoration Services

As of January 2020 We No Longer Perform Restoration Services On Antique Slot Machines.

Do you have an antique O.D. Jennings Company slot machine in need of restoration or repair? Nation’s Attic specializes in factory correct world class restoration of slot machines made by this company. Give us a call at 316-371-1828 or email slots@nationsattic.com 

Before & After!


O.D. Jennings of Chicago, IL started making slot machines in the 1910's. Nation's Attic specializes in factory correct restoration of these all mechanical slot machines made into the 1950's.


If you have Jennings slot machine you are considering having a full restoration on, please contact us today. Call or Text 316-371-1828 or

Email: slots@nationsattic.com

So what kind of work goes into a full restoration? As the United States premiere company for the restoration of these slot machines we take our work very seriously. Each machine is carefully restored on an individual basis.


When your machine arrives in our shop the first thing we do is take a full set of high resolution photos. This allows us to fully document the machines condition, unique features and serial number before the work is started. Next a detailed set of notes are taken about the machine along with discussing any final restoration details with you the owner. When restoration begins every aspect of the slot machines cabinet inside and out is taken apart and individually restored.


Parts such as the main castings are cleaned, polished and then painted by hand as they were originally. The wood cabinet is taken apart, refinished professionally here in our shop. Trim parts such as handles and bolts are either polished or chrome plated. Back doors are cleaned and repainted, locks serviced, new glass cut, new award cards installed. There is no detail that isn’t overlooked.


Internally the various mechanisms are taken 100% apart and either chemically cleaned or media blasted clean. This level of work is very labor intensive and requires a high level of expertise. By going to this extreme it does allow for the proper cleaning, tuning and testing of each and every part of the mechanism while it is being put back together. The result is a clean mechanism with the correct fresh lubrication applied allowing it to run properly for decades to come.  

 Once we are finished your slot machine is then re- photographed. We put the entire before & after photo package on a CD-ROM and send that to you. No other company provides this kind of world class service both before or after the work is completed. Call us today at 316-371-1828 or email slots@nationsattic.com . We are more than happy to provide you with a restoration quote for your machine within minutes!

How Do We Handle Transporting Your Valuable Antique Slot Machine?

Step 1
Sending You A Custom Box

All we need is a address & phone # and we will send you a custom made container with everything you will need to safely pack your slot machine.

Step 2
Fedex Pick-up

Once the slot machine is packed with provided materials, we will schedule FedEx to pick the container up. Your machine will be fully insured & tracked while in transit.

Step 3
Delivery To Our Shop

Once delivered we inspect the machine and finalize any repair details with you. We then get to work making sure your machine works like the day it was made!

Step 4
Completion & delivery

Once the repairs are completed, it's time to send the machine back to you! We professionally pack and insure your machine for safe delivery via FedEx. We schedule a delivery date to fit your schedule.

The O.D. Jennings Company started out being called Industry Novelty right after World War 1. Shortly afterwards in the early 1920’s the name was changed to the O.D. Jennings Company. Initial this company would purchase used slot machines, fix them up and then re-sell them. As the slot machine market grew during the 1920’s, Jennings started to manufacture their own unique models, starting with their straight Operator Bell and The Trader machines.


As the 1920’s progressed, so did the company. The Jennings company really grew during the 1930’s, becoming second only to the massive Mills Novelty Co. Jennings was famous for producing very well built slot machines. During the mid 1930’s Jennings came out with the Chief line of slot machine, which would carry the company well into the 1960’s! As electromechanical slot machines hit the market in the 1960’s, Jennings market share dwindled and the company stopped production in the 1980’s.