Antique Slot Machine Repair Services
As Of 2020 We No Longer Offer Repair & Restoration Services On Antique Slots.

Many Slots Just Need The Insides Worked On

Lots of antique slot machines look great on the outside, but need serious attention on the inside. Our most popular service is our full internal tune-up and repair. If your machine has stopped working, doesn't payout anymore or is running very slow or sluggish, then it needs cleaned & tuned properly. We take the entire internal mechanisms apart, clean each piece then reassemble using the correct lubrication and new springs. We service Mills Novelty & O.D. Jennings slot machines.

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So How Do We Handle Repairing Your Valuable Slot Machine When We Are Located in Wichita, Kansas?

Starting in 2005 we developed a safe & easy method of transporting your antique slot machine from your home to our shop and then back to you.

Step 1
Sending You A Custom Box

All we need is a address & phone # and we will send you a custom made container with everything you will need to safely pack your slot machine.

Step 2
Fedex Pick-up

Once the slot machine is packed with provided materials, we will schedule FedEx to pick the container up. Your machine will be fully insured & tracked while in transit.

Step 3
Delivery To Our Shop

Once delivered we inspect the machine and finalize any repair details with you. We then get to work making sure your machine works like the day it was made!

Step 4
Completion & delivery

Once the repairs are completed, it's time to send the machine back to you! We professionally pack and insure your machine for safe delivery via FedEx. We schedule a delivery date to fit your schedule.

Nation’s Attic is the United States premiere company for the factory correct repair of Mills Novelty and OD Jennings antique slot machines. No matter where you are located in the US, we can provide you with our world class repair services!  Nation’s Attic specializes in factory correct antique slot machine repair. Vintage Mills and OD Jennings slot machines made from the 1880’s to the 1950’s are our specialty.


Today there are very few experts that can properly restore these slot machines. There are even fewer companies that know how to properly transport antique slot machines safely from your home or office to our shop in Wichita Kansas. At our shop we can properly restore your machine back to its original brilliance and mechanical function. Nation’s Attic can do all of this with ease and expertise. Unlike the few other slot machine dealers, Nation’s Attic is a corporation with a trained full time staff of antique slot machine experts. We handle vintage slot machines every day all day. Nation’s Attic facility is fully insured and secure so you can be assured we not only know what we are doing but that your slot machine is safe while in our shop or in transit!

As collectors and owners of antiques like yourself we know how concerned you are about sending a valuable item to a business in another state for work. We can assure you that Nation’s Attic will have your antique slot machine fully insured against loss or damage while in transit and also while in our shop. We have a secured facility and know how to work on and handle your machine correctly. We also know how to pack your slot machine safely and instruct you on how to do that with our special shipping containers.


Nation’s Attic has been in the repair and restoration business of antique slot machines for over a decade. Nation’s Attic is not just an individual with a fancy web site, we have a staff of people working full time on only antique slot machines like yours. If you ever have a question or need an update, just email, text or call us - it’s that easy. We have worked on antique slot machine for individuals, museums and even big corporations for years.