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In the late 1990's Don Creekmore attended an auction in Wichita, KS that had 3 antique slot machines in it. Fascinated, he decided he needed to own at least one of them, which turned out to be a Mills Bell-O-Matic Hightop 10c model. After purchasing the machine, getting all the dimes out of it, and then selling it on eBay, he made after all expenses - an entire .10 cents - he was hooked!

Armed with a degree in Entrepreneurship from Wichita State University and having prior experience in the antique world, Nation's Attic was incorporated and became a full time occupation in 2005. That same year a short video was produced and shown on a local PBS affiliate about the business, which can be viewed below. 

By offering world class antique slot machine restoration services the business took off! Don's wife Jenny Creekmore joined the business in 2009. Also armed with a degree in business from Wichita State University she helped the business. As the business grew, so did the diversification of the areas specialized in and services.

Nation's Attic Inc. no longer works on antique slot machines, but we do buy and sell select models. The business now specializes in buying, selling and auctioning specialized categories of antiques for our clients. We are actually the largest dealer in authentic antique diving helmets in the United States! Our auction services for single items or entire collections have become our most popular way to serve our customers.

In 2023 Nation's Attic Inc. is celebrating its 18th year in business! During that time, the company established itself as a top antique auction service provider. Are you are considering having a company auction your prized collection? Nations Attic will provide you with the state of art services along with personalized service only a family-owned business can provide. Our years of experience in marketing antiques and collectibles for clients has given us unique insight & abilities to provide you with world-class results.   


Meet The Team


Don Creekmore


Co-Owner & Founder of Nation's Attic. Specializing in the history & stories behind antiques.


Jenny Creekmore


Co-Owner & driving force behind all operations. Always ready for adventure!

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