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Nation's Attic Buys
Vajen Helmet Company Items

One of the most unique pieces of fire fighting equipment made in the late 1800s and early 1900s is the Vajen smoke helmet. Nation's Attic buys these leather helmets regardless of the condition or location in the world. Also referred to as the Vajen Bader smoke helmet, these unusual safety devices were made in Richmond, Indiana. If you have a smoke helmet, advertising from the Vajen Helmet Co, parts, letters, photos, we are interesting in purchasing these items.

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The images above show a typical Vajen Bader smoke helmet. These helmets are made with a leather body, platted metal hardware for the eyes, ears, whistle, air tank, pressure gauge, and ID plate. There will also be leather straps that secured the smoke helmet to the firefighter. The black and white vintage photo above shows a fireman at the ready with this Vajen helmet secured. Due to the nature of the environment these helmets operated in, sometimes the leather will be in poor condition. Regardless, we are serious buyers of these smoke helmets!

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A quick way to identify a Vajen Bader smoke helmet is by a riveted ID plate. The photo above is a great example; The Vajen Helmet Co, Head Protector, Patented July 23, 1891. Mar. 13, 1900, Richmond, IND. The helmets serial number will also be clearly visabel. Over the years their ID plate would change slightly from the one shown above.

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A key component of Vajen helmets or smoke protectors is the air tank on the back. The tank originally featured a pressure gauge, allowing the user to know how much air was remaining. The tank represents a large percentage of the value of these leather smoke helmets. In addition to the helmets, any other advertisements, letterhead, related equipment, boxes, original photos are also purchased by Nation's Attic.

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