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Nation’s Attic is a full-service antiques and collectibles auction company. Our auction services cater to individuals, estates, businesses, and museums that are in the market to sell a collection of specialized or unique items.

If you, a family member, a company, or a museum have spent a lifetime putting together a special or one-of-a-kind collection and are now ready to sell, contact Nation’s Attic today for a free estimate. Our experience and knowledge of the latest online technology allow us to market collections to the top-paying buyers in the world.

If you are looking for a firm that will handle your collection of valuable items professionally and will attain the maximum value for you, then you have found the right company for the job!

Call Us At 316-371-1828 or email

Areas Of Expertise

  • Antique Diving Helmets

  • Maritime Antiques

  • Advertising Signs

  • Movie & Magic Posters

  • WWII Leather Flight Jackets

  • Breweriana (beer related items)

  • US Political & Historical 

  • Fishing & Hunting

  • Antique Radios 

  • Clocks

  • Watches 

  • Knives

  • Antique Maps

  • Science & Medical Antiques

  • Old Mechanical Banks

  • Antique Lighting

  • Writing Instruments 

  • Photographs

  • Rare Fossils & Minerals

  • Vintage Louis Vuitton Bags & Trunks

  • Coin-Operated Machines

  • Sports Cards & Memorabilia

  • American Pop-Culture

  • Autographs

  • Militaria

  • Fishing / Hunting Memorabilia

  • Automobilia (car related)

  • Train Collectibles

  • Kansas History

  • Antique Bar & Drug Store Items

  • Swords

  • Vintage Star Wars Toys

  • Antique Gas Station Pumps

  • Vintage Comic Books

  • Antique Bottles

  • Vintage Casino Collectibles

  • Historical Memorabilia

  • Science Fiction Collectibles

  • Travel Memorabilia 

  • Antique Tools

  • Antique Locks

Browne Gas Helmet

Browne Gas Helmet

Sold For $19,550

A-2 Flight Jacket

A-2 Flight Jacket

Sold For $5,000

Jennings Tri-Plex Long Shot

Jennings Tri-Plex Long Shot

Sold For $15,978.00

Conoco Motor Oil Sign

Conoco Motor Oil Sign

Sold For $6,600

Ships Line Gun

Ships Line Gun

Sold For $1,250

Smoke Helmet

Smoke Helmet

Sold For $7,250

Omega Seamaster 1000

Omega Seamaster 1000

Sold For $8,000

Antique Train Light

Antique Train Light

Sold For $2,500

Morse 5 Bolt Diving Helmet

Morse 5 Bolt Diving Helmet

Sold For $28,175

Fey Operators Bell

Fey Operators Bell

Sold For $11,000

Telefunken Radio

Telefunken Radio

Sold For $800

1956 Sea Belles Pinball

1956 Sea Belles Pinball

Sold For $1,840

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