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Old Movie Poster Buyer

Nation's Attic buys single movie posters and entire collections. We are aggressively buying authentic movie posters made before the 1980s. If you are not sure of the age or if your posters are originals, just text or email us photos. We buy movie posters in sizes ranging from window cards, inserts, one sheets, three sheets, six sheets, and all the way up to 12 sheet billboards! 

Call or Text Us At 316-371-1828 or


Nation's Attic is interested in buying single movie posters and entire collections. If you have a stack of old movie posters that came out of a movie theater or were taken home decades ago, give us a call! We are only interested in posters dating from the 1980s and older. Generally these old film posters will have been folded originally. The most common poster size is a 1 sheet, which is 27" by 41" in size. 
Nation's Attic represents some of the world's top collectors of vintage movie posters. This allows us to pay more money immediately for one great poster or a collection! 

We are located in Wichita, KS and have a convenient and safe facility you can bring items to us for appraisal.

Simply give us a call at 316-371-1828 or email us at to schedule an appointment.

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