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Nation's Attic Buys Unopened VHS & Betamax Tapes

Ever wondered if those old VHS tapes are worth anything? While a vast majority of them have little value, if you have VHS or Betamax tapes that have never been opened, we are buying them! We buy single unopened tapes or entire collections. How can you tell if they are unopened? VHS tapes were originally factory sealed with clear cellophane. Still not sure, just send us a text or email with photos. Regardless of the movie title, if the tapes are factory sealed and never opened, we want them!

Call or Text Us At 316-371-1828 or


Nation's Attic is buying right now factory sealed unopened VHS and Beta tapes. 
If you have just one unopened VHS tape or an entire stores new old stock inventory, we buy any size collection. Tapes will have a clear wrapping on them with the movie studio logo visible typically. If the VHS tape wrapping has old price tags or promotional stickers, that's fine, leave them on it! Nation's Attic represents some of the world's top collectors of vintage movie memorabilia, including VHS tapes. This allows us to pay more $$$.

We are located in Wichita, KS and have a convenient and safe facility you can bring items to us for appraisal.

Simply give us a call at 316-371-1828 or email us at to schedule an appointment.

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